Trinity United Church of Christ - St. Petersburg

                                  1150 49th Street North, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33710
         Our Vision: To Delight God       Our Mission: To be loving, actively involved ambassadors of God.

Great time Saturday August 13th at Marty and Cate's home for a fabulous afternoon in and by the pool. "Hots and Hams" were the menu choices for the cookout. Thanks to Mary S. for doing the grilling. And the key lime pie for desert was heavenly!

August 7 was "A Time to Dream" Sunday.  We brought items to the service that represented our dreams for Trinity. Gifts included a rainbow, a rose, runes, a Bible, a wish for a fountain, a blank canvas with brushes, an atlas of the heart, a labyrinth, an orange, and a cactus -  all explained by the person bringing the gift. Strength, openness to new ideas, growth, endurance, inclusivity, spirituality, embracing and respecting all paths to God, and caring for our congregants and others were all themes this beautiful day. 

Click here to see Highlights from the July 27th Lao  Christian Conference  Worship Service 

Colleen Hafner and Jackie Shewmaker are our longest attending members. They are both a wealth of Trinity history!   They are shown here with Chanthay Phothivongsay attending the Lao Christian Conference of Churches service, part of a week long national event that takes place on the campus every July. 

Trinity UCC Members and Friends take to the streets May 29th, 2022 to urge stricter gun control laws. The recent killing of school children and teachers in Texas is just one more example of the ease with which assault weapons are obtained  in our country.

Rev. Susie Sherwood and Bo Lovan, from the Lao Christian Church, get ready to partake of the delicious food at the Lao Christian Church Celebration Luncheon for Easter. Both churches share our campus along with the Iglesia Pentecostal Cielos Abiertos Church.

“The true and essential work of all religions is to help us recognize the divine image in everyone and everything.”
              - Father Richard Rohr

“It takes one relationship to transform a life.”
                - Oliver Saks

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Welcome Friends!  Our services begin at 10:30 AM on Sunday morning.   When attending services, please wear a mask.  We practice social distancing. We ask you not to attend if you are experiencing Covid symptoms. We also ask that if you have had Covid, you get a negative test before attending. We do not want to put anyone at risk and we do not want to have to close our doors again.   We cherish each and every one of you and want everyone to stay healthy.  Thank you for understanding.
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Welcome to Trinity!

We are an open and affirming congregation located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Come and join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM  for our progressive theology and contemporary music worship service. The United Church of Christ does not tell anyone what or what not to believe because we believe that each person is on their own faith journey. Therefore, wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome at Trinity, where we practice fellowship of the heart. 

We also believe that church does not have to be boring to be relevant. We clap, we laugh and we sing with joyous expression of God's love. Everyone is truly welcome and you will be greeted with genuine warmth when you enter our courtyard. 

At Trinity our worship is central to our life as a church and as so reflects who we are: friendly, authentic, casual, and God-focused. Therefore, it is rarely "predictable" beyond a basic pattern we generally follow. You never know what might happen, but we welcome the interchange of humanity and Spirit that never ceases  to amaze us!

We thrive on helping people deepen their love for God and for others so that our faith community can participate in God's transformation of the world. You do not have to join to in order to participate in worship, most areas of serving, small groups and classes.  
 We never require a particular dress code-we are truly a "come as you are" church! We firmly believe that God sees our hearts just as easily through t-shirts and jeans as through suit coats and dresses. So bring your heart for God, your voice for worship, your hands for clapping and virtual hugging, and join us every Sunday at 10:30 AM.
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We embrace people! Our message to the community is that wherever you are on life's journey, you belong at Trinity. Why not stop by and give us a try?
You'll never find a more welcoming or non-judgmental group of people.  

Our Congregations

We are proud of the diversity that our campus offers. The campus which is the home of the national Lao Conference of Churches also houses three churches - the original Trinity UCC, the Lao Christian Church and Iglesia Pentecostal Cielos Abiertos. Come and check us out!